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Episode 88: Homelessness with Benjamin Dunning & Terese Howard

June 25, 2018

"Homelessness & the Free Haircut"... with Benjamin Dunning and Terese Howard, co-founders of Denver Homeless Out Loud, are brewing some relevant goodness on episode 88 (part 1 of 2). Benjamin and Terese talk about homelessness in the Mile High City. They discuss ways in which society "helps" the homeless, and how these acts of service so often do not address real, pressing needs. Janel and Ryan ask them about the myths and counter-myths of homelessness; Benjamin and Terese speak about the difference between a meal for a day and a well paying job. Nobody brings jobs to the homeless community, but you can find a lot of job training programs for jobs that don't pay well. So what does this mean regarding our compassion towards each other when we bring aid that does not address real needs? And how can we identify real needs and truly meet them?

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