Brew Theology Podcast

Episode 86: Exploring Paradox in the Religious & Secular World - Part 1

June 11, 2018

“Next to a church profaned by its exclusion of otherness, a city of true diversity is a cathedral. Next to a Christian eclipsed by theological arrogance, an honest atheist shines like the sun". Quaker author Parker Palmer in his book, The Promise of Paradox, asks What sometimes causes such arrogance in a religion (Christianity) named for one who proclaimed, the meek shall inherit the earth? It is not unusual for discouraged or defeated modern Christians to look for light in the secular world when their Christian church community twists theology into dark exclusivity. Rob Carroll, Leah Brite & Matthieu Caldwell join Janel and Ryan in this discussion (part 1 of 2). Ryan's mother, Nancy Miller, joins the podcast as well. We'll discuss paradoxes in religion and the secular world which help those of us "searching" find more transcendent truth in our lives. Let's brew!


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