Brew Theology Podcast

Episode 85: Prison Reform with Christie Donner - Part 2

June 4, 2018

Part DEUX!

Everything is theological... including this relevant topic: Transforming Safety: An alternative to mass incarceration through community engagement with Christie Donner (Executive Director for Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition). Ryan, Janel, Elizabeth and Randy have a phenomenal conversation on episode 85 (part 2) of the Brew Theology Podcast. 

After thirty years of a "get tough" approach to crime that has fueled unprecedented levels of incarceration, communities most impacted both by higher rates of victimization and criminal justice involvement have seen little to no improvement; in fact, by many metrics these communities face even more problems. This discussion offers a different perspective on how to approach public safety that advocates for a larger role for community-based and community-led safety efforts through a discussion of two bills enacted by the Colorado legislature that were drafted and successfully lobbied by the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition, including HB 17-1326 which created and funded a crime prevention pilot in North Aurora and Southeast Colorado Springs and HB18-1326 that funded community reentry programs to help people leaving prison.


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