Brew Theology Podcast

Episode 7: “Pluralism”

October 2, 2016
In Episode 7 of the Brew Theology Podcast, Ryan and friends (Dan, Janel, Stephen & John) tackle pluralism. Religious Pluralism is defined as "the acceptance of all religious paths as equally valid, promoting coexistence." When we "brew theology" together each week in Denver, we do so in a pluralistic context. What does pluralism say about "truth?" Is tolerance truly feasible? Can monotheistic traditions accept real pluralism? Why believe in anything if that's the case? Can you hold onto your particular faith/ religion and still be embedded in a pluralistic culture that is in sync with a "common good?" Are there "ultimates?" Can you take a bit of "this" and "that" and "co-exist" with a new flava' of spirituality? Do all paths lead to ___________ (whatever "that" is). I'm sure the "heresy" thing will be brought up too... Enjoy, friends.

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