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Episode 50: Culture, Worldview & Difference with Dr. Tink Tinker

September 3, 2017

Episode 50 of the Brew Theology Podcast features Dr. Tink Tinker, Ph.D. (wazhazhe/Osage Nation)
Baldridge Professor of American Indian Cultures and Religious Traditions - Iliff School of Theology. After this episode, I encourage you to sit down with some friends and talk about the following quesitons (in a pub would be nice!). What is the difference Tinker posits between worldview and ideology? How then would each of these impact the development of language in a socio-political whole? Are people really able to choose their worldview? Or are they really only choosing between ideologies (without demeaning the importance of this later)? How big is the range of “difference” within what Tinker identifies as the euro-christian worldview? Is it possible for two disparate worldviews to find an amicable balance within any given socio-political whole? Have we not often enough found it difficult enough for differing ideologies to live side by side? Say marxism and euro-christian, democratic capitalism? If the choice is between an up-down hierarchical schema of reality and the collateral-egalitarian model Tinker identifies as the traditional Native model, what might be the benefits of each? The benefits of the colonialist model for Native communities? The benefits of the egalitarian model for White settler folk? How does one determine “truth” when it comes to determining whose worldview ought to dominate a socio-political whole? Finally, what then is God?

This is a great episode, and we are proud to send it to your earbuds, friends.

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