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Episode 37: Atonement Theories Part 1

May 15, 2017

In episode 37 of the Brew Theology podcast, Ryan, Dan, Alex, Brian and Adam brew up the topic, "Atonement Theories." This is Part 1 of 2 episodes. This show is brought to you by Seedstock Brewery. If you dig this episode and/or other Brew Theology shows, give this episode a share, rate Brew Theology on iTunes and give BT a brewtastic review!

So, what’s atonement? 

Maybe you’ve heard it best understood by the English, “At – ONE – ment”… meaning humanity being at “one” with the divine ONE! This is a good place to start. I’d add the original Hebrew, “Kaphar,” which is where we get the word, “atone,” literally meaning, “to cover.” This comes from the covering of Israel’s sins on the Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16). Next, theories of Atonement are explanations from scholars over the past 2,000 years who have tired to explain the mystery of what happened to Jesus and this world: past, present and future on the cross!

Many Christians have been taught (Or it’s simply been infused into modern, Western Christianity through sermons and worship songs) only one popular atonement theory. Interestingly, when one does the research, we find that this popular theory wasn’t even in existence within the first 1,000 years of Christianity. Theories are sincere, speculative explanations based on subjective opinions, involving careful intelligence in academia, experience in real time, historical criticism, and a community of good 'ole fashioned “butt kickers."

In episodes 37 and 38, we cover the following:

- Ransom Captive
- Union With God
- Satisfaction
- Penal Substitution
- Christus Victor
- Moral Exemplar
- The Last Scapegoat
- God's Solidarity 


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