Brew Theology Podcast

Episode 24: “Buddhist Christians, a “Holy” Mistake & Road Blocks in Church History” with Dr. John Cobb

February 13, 2017

In episode 24 of the Brew Theology Podcast we are live in Redondo Beach at #TheologyBeerCamp with Dr. John Cobb. If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Cobb’s work, you will definitely want to dig in after listening to this Jedi Master unveil some theological #BOOM on the mic. Cobb breaks down a bit of experiential pluralism via Buddhism and Christianity to begin our conversation, engages in some Wesleyan dialogue and carefully navigates through 5 key developments in church history that have blocked appreciation and a priority of Jesus’ own teaching, thus hindering the relational accessibility of moving into a dynamic relationship with Abba/ Father as seen in the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

Thanks to Tripp Fuller and Homebrewed Christianity for hosting this event in Cali.



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