Brew Theology Podcast

Free Will Vs. Determinism

September 12, 2016

You walk into the brewery looking forward to another evening of stimulating god-talk and a delicious beer. After saying hello to fellow Pub Theologians you make your way to the bar to order. After looking over the choices (Imperial stout or the IPA?) you decide on the stout. You think that you have made the choice free from any internal or external agent and that you could have chosen the IPA instead. But have you? Where do your thoughts lie regarding free will? 
Where do these beliefs come from? 
Your religious upbringing? 

A feeling of having free will? 

In Episode 4, Ryan invites his friends, Peter, Monica, Dan & Daniel to the table... Was this crew determined to be together, or did they choose it? That's still debate... Enjoy & share the brew!

Notes & resources, below.

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