Brew Theology Podcast

Episode 9: “Rags To Riches”

October 17, 2016

In Episode 9 of the Brew Theology Podcast, Ryan, Andy, Amanda, Vlad & Kyle hash out liberation theology. What do you think about the phrase “Preferential Option for the Poor”?  
Although many people in the United States experienced the 1960s and 70s as a time of peace and prosperity, the same cannot be said for the global community. With the Cold War ramping up, leaders in the east and west both vied for resources, forged unstable alliances, deposed leaders, and fought proxy wars around the globe in order to secure their seat at the top. Unsurprisingly, those hit hardest were the economically and politically disenfranchised. As a result, Liberation Theology was birthed & has had significant rippling effects giving birth to black liberation theology, etc.; it spread to other religious groups and there are now Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, and many other liberation theologies that have taken root around the globe. Put in your ear buds, grab a pint or two & liberate you minds with good convo in eclectic & respectful community. 

Link to Intro to Liberation Theology book that Kyle mentioned on the show:

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