Brew Theology Podcast

Episode 15: “Prayer & Meditation”

November 27, 2016

In Episode 15 of the Brew Theology Podcast, Janel and friends - Leah, Dan & Liz - brew up the topic of prayer and meditation. We've provided some show notes/ resources below for your own experience(s), below. As long as religion has existed, prayer has been an integral if not foundational aspect to the practice of faith. This is true across many cultures and religions and it is hard to pinpoint when the practice of prayer first started to develop. Prayer is one of those things that carries with it testimony of participation. What is it like to pray? What have we experienced in prayer? How has God met us there? ... Many people have really mixed feelings about prayer. What about you? Enjoy this episode, friends. We hope you learn somehting new. Make sure & share the hopilicous brew online.

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  1. Encyclopedia Britanica -
  2. For a specific tradition, you can look at the wikipedia page on Prayer in _____ to get started.
  3. Bead One, Pray Too: A Guide to Making and Using Prayer Beads (Book)
  4. Praying in Color:
  5. History of Labyrinths:
  6. Several Videos on Jewish Prayer:
  7. Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas (book) Kind of a Prayer Personality Type 

Experiencing Prayer:

Spending time with the Labyrinth (10 minutes)

Spending time with Prayer Beads (10 minutes)                 

Coloring Prayer (10 minutes)

1.Which of these activities connected with you? Were they things you have experienced before?

2. How does it feel to pray with your hands and senses involved? Does it change the experience of prayer for you?

3. What are some of your favorite prayer patterns, methods, or tools? Have you tried different things? What connects with you?