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Episode 77: Unconscious Theology In Political Turmoil Part 2 with Dr. Tad DeLay

April 9, 2018

In episode 77, Ryan Janel and Dan continue the conversation with Dr. Tad DeLay (Part 1 of 2) about psychoanalysis, theology and politics. Hello "BIG OTHER" and End Times theology as well. We live in an era of turmoil, which is slowly drowning out the religious, economic, and cultural orthodoxies that pledged their allegiances to a sinking cause. Through the lens of psychoanalysis and philosophy, DeLay explores the repressed theology underwriting our social and political drive to repeat failed patterns. By examining the figures of the cynic and the fool, we will ask: why do we feel as if a big Other commands us to see the world a certain way?

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Tad DeLay is the author of The Cynic & the Fool: the Unconscious in Theology & Politics and God Is Unconscious: Psychoanalysis & Theology. He holds a PhD Religion, an MA Philosophy, and an MA Theology. He teaches and lives in Denver.