Brew Theology Podcast

Episode 55: Prophecy - Doom, Gloom & Tongues of Fire Part 2

October 9, 2017

"A leader is somebody who has to jump in the middle of the fray and be prudential, we hope, rather than opportunistic, but a prophetic person tells the truth, exposes lies, bears witness and then, usually, is pushed to the margins or shot dead." - Cornel West

I (Ryan) wanted to name it Prophetic Justice: Gleanings from Nostradamus, the Buddha, Mohammed, MLK and/ or Jerry Falwell! But Dan said that was too long.... #RyanStillWantsJerryFalwellInTheSubtitle
YES! Our own, stellar contributor & brew theologian veteran, Dan Rosado, supplied the content. Dan, Erika, Ben, Janel and Ryan brew some theology on prophecy. This is part 2 part of our coversation. Enjoy episode #55 of the Brew Theology Podcast...  & always cheers, friends!

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Special thanks to Dan Rosado, our BT editor along with the Madison's and their podcast hospitality.