Brew Theology Podcast

Episode 30: “Barrel Aged Gospels” with Dr. Craig Blomberg

March 26, 2017

Ready for some barrel-aged theology? Ever had a drink from Matthew, Mark, Luke & John? Anyone who grew up in the Christian church was heavily influenced by the writings from these Gospels. In fact, these ancient texts have influenced civilization for two millennia. But are they reliable? How can we trust documents from 2,000 years ago that were written many decades after the life of Jesus? Remember the game of telephone as a child? Did the earliest followers of Jesus fabricate stories of a life that never existed, or were they carefully crafting stories that are highly reliable and worthy of our respect today? Distinguished New Testament theologian, Dr. Craig Blomberg* brewed up some barrel-aged goodness on Episode 30 of the Brew Theology Podcast! If you dig this episode and other Brew Theology shows, give this episode a nice 'lil share on the interwebs, rate Brew Theology on iTunes and give BT a brewtastic review!

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*Dr. Craig Blomberg is Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary in Littleton, Colorado. Craig is the author of fifteen books and has co-authored or co-edited ten more, along more than 150 journal articles and chapters in multi-author works. To quote Ron Burgundy, according to the academic world, Craig is kind of a BIG DEAL!!! The Blombergs love to travel, often combining vacation and ministry opportunities at other colleges and seminaries. Craig has enjoyed three Broncos’ Super Bowl victories in his thirty-plus years in Denver, but as a native of northern Illinois his lifelong sports dream came true in 2016 when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.