Brew Theology Podcast

Episode 60: Jersey Brew Theology and Amy Endres #ComingOut

November 28, 2017

Ryan gets to chat with Nate Nakao, the Director of Jersey Brew Theology in this fun, 2-part episode. After their conversation about faith transitions, the great state of Jersey and the importance of Brew Theology communities, we transition episode 60 toward an important show with Amy Endres and her father. Jersey BT had Amy speak at a Brew Theology gathering. There's some fantastic material in this show about what it's like being committed to a traditional faith environment, and having a child who's gay. Amy and her dad share their vulnerable experiences, and Amy offers some of her perspective as a lesbian who's pursuing a career as a pastor. 

Enjoy and cheers, friends!

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Special thanks to Dan Rosado, our BT editor along with the Madison's and their podcast hospitality.